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3 Tips to Help You Manifest a Reality You Want

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On Better Together, we discussed the meditation and mental practices of Joe Dispenza, and his formula for using your mind to create a reality you want! His formula focuses on directing thoughts away from the sufferings of the past and away from possibility of the future. We discussed  how we can be flooded with negative thoughts right as we wake up for the day. From being stressed about being late, hurrying to eat, and  checking social media, we are becoming instantly self conscious. With all of this, we’re starting our days off on a negative note. In Dispenza’s meditation, he says to pick an emotion that you feel is dominant and you want to get rid of to lessen these negative thoughts and begin shifting your mindset. Now, let’s look at 3 tips we can use to manifest a reality we want!


3 Tips to Help You Manifest a Reality You Want


1) Be conscious of your thoughts 

Be aware of the thoughts you are letting flood your brain. Constantly thinking about the past all leads you to always living backwards. If you’re always thinking about what could have been if you did something different in the past, you’re keeping yourself from finding happiness in the now! On the other hand, if you’re always thinking about the future and stressing about what needs to be done and where you’ll be later, you still won’t be able to enjoy the present moment. Be intentional  about where you’re putting your mental focus!


2) Start Taking Note of Where You Put Your Thoughts

Start evaluating where most of your thoughts go, and cut out what shouldn’t be there. Look at your goals and what emotions lead you there. Look at your life like a bottle of energy, then look at where you put parts of that bottle. If you’re always giving it away, then you will always feel drained! Protect your energy, not just keeping negative people away, but also saving a reserve of energy for yourself!


3) Detach From Your Body 

When meditating, get yourself into a black space. This black space is the spot you’re in where you’re not thinking about what you need to do, you’re not worried about anything else, and you’re just floating in a state of being. Being in this space allows your mind to subconsciously “work” towards all of your desires without your mental blocks stopping it! Train your brain to marry emotion to your desire. When you want something, envision yourself in that spot. Feel every emotion you would feel in that moment, and imagine every detail of it. Then let your mind do the rest of the work!

Listen to the full episode to hear more about how we incorporate Joe Dispenza’s formula in our lives to manifest the reality we want! 


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