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3 Tips to Finding Your Passion & Leaving Toxicity Behind With Maria

Maria Menounos on Finding Your Passion & Leaving Toxicity Behind

If you feel like you are struggling to find your voice, set boundaries, and be assertive in your professional and personal relationships it may be time to take a step back and evaluate your surroundings. If you’re needing some guidance, Maria has three key tips for learning how to be more assertive, staying passionate about work, and leaving the toxicity behind. 

1. Find Your Passion

In order to find your voice and get comfortable speaking up, you must find your passion and embrace your unique self. Maria finds her passion in working with people that she enjoys and empowering others to stay healthy and focus on themselves. Being  passionate about what you’re doing increases your confidence in yourself and your work. From that confidence, you can more easily discover your voice and get comfortable sharing your opinions. 

2. Find Your Voice

Some people might mistake assertiveness as being aggressive, confrontational, and bossy. However, that is not always the case. It is possible to learn how to share your perspective in ways that are respectful to others. Maria emphasizes that acknowledging that you are nervous to speak your mind is important in figuring out how to find your voice. As long as you believe that your intentions are in the right place, then it will fuel your ability to move past the nervouness. By learning how to separate the idea that sharing your opinions does not equal confrontation, you will find more comfortability in confidently speaking your mind and becoming a strong communicator in the workplace. 

3. Leave The Toxicity Behind

You have a choice to change the environment around you because you have to be greater than the environment around you. For instance, if there is sadness or toxicity around, you have the ability to change that by practicing self-care and putting yourself first. You can’t let others affect how you want to feel because you are in charge of yourself. Toxicity is inevitable; however, you will learn and grow from it to better yourself.  Setting boundaries is important in this step because you want to be able to identify what you are comfortable doing or not to do, and how you want to be treated and respected. Recognizing that you have to put yourself first and that others’ needs are not more important than your own is necessary in establishing boundaries.

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