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3 Tips to Accepting Grief From Tyler Henry

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The Hollywood Medium himself, Tyler Henry, joined us on Better Together to discuss life, grief, and his amazing abilities to tap into the spiritual realm. Throughout the episode we also got personal and discussed how grief has altered our lives and forced us to rethink the purpose of life and life after death. We asked Tyler if he could share with us his top three tips for accepting grief. 


Tyler Henry’s Top 3 Tips to Accepting Grief:


1) Accept suffering as a part of the human condition

Tyler says that grief is something that will touch us all in life. For some it may be more intense than others, however this is all a part of the human experience as life is constantly being given and taken each day. Tyler says as a western society we have trouble accepting death because we often don’t talk about it much. Other cultures in the world see death as a part of the  journey into what’s next. If we were to start having more discussions about death and grief as a culture, going through it would not feel so lonesome.


2) Pursue contentedness and not closure

Oftentimes whenever we lose a loved one we try to deal with grief as a task, something that we can check off a list, however Tyler says this is the most unrealistic approach to dealing with grief. The feeling of grief isn’t something that ever truly goes away. Instead, Tyler recommends growing through grief and learning how to manage it. With time it gets easier but the journey is never a straight line. Framing grief with this approach often leads to less disappointment by minimizing the expectation of complete closure.

3) Surround yourself with community

Finding a solid group of friends and community is a major essential in your grieving journey according to Tyler. Grief can feel like an isolating emotion by making one feel hopeless and alone. Surrounding yourself with those who will provide love and support is what a grieving heart often needs the most. The second year of grieving may also feel the loneliest because by that time all the “firsts” are over and people tend to stop checking in after that time period. It is so important that you find people who will stick with you through all the seasons and not just during the initial stages.

Maria Menounos Guest Tyler henrey on 3 Tips to Accepting Grief

Tyler does not promise that following these exact three tips will help take away grief, but he can assure that they will help facilitate the process. Interested in learning more about Tyler Henry? Check out the podcast episode below.


Click here to listen to our full interview with Tyler! 

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