Maria Menounos

3 Tips for Your Healing Journey with Maria Menounos

Maria’s made a huge commitment to her healing journey and is dedicated to helping as many people as she can find the tools they need for their own healing journey. She and the Heal Squad team pinpointed 3 ways to tap into your next level of healing and transcend into that higher level. Keeping these key points in mind will allow you to release anything that may be holding you back from fully healing. Such small changes can make the biggest impact in your journey.

Maria’s 3 Tips to Help You on Your Healing Journey
Acting out of fear will not give you the best result

When having fear leading thoughts, ask yourself: is it 100% true? By asking yourself these questions, you will be able to see the answer and it tangibly not being true. This will help to eliminate fear and increase your faith.

When tapping into your next level and meditating, ask for signs. 

You are in a conversation and it’s completely okay to ask for signs. It will keep you on track for tapping into that next level and fully heal because it will solidify your faith. Sometimes having tangible moments and milestones are necessary for us to move forward and heal. Healing is not linear and it is not the same for everyone. It’s okay to go on a private healing journey because there could be energetic interferences when you start to share. Though other’s intentions may be good, your energies may not align and these can cause interference in your healing journey. Your energy is something that needs to be protected, not everything has to be shared. It is completely okay to keep things private. 

Your mindset and your energy have the capacity to make an outcome feasible

Start to hear and feel what you want to hear during tough times or when something is happening that you don’t want to believe or want to happen. Though it may sound crazy, your energy is powerful and has the ability to shift outcomes. Your energy can create a shift and a better outcome. In situations where we experience fear or anticipation, not listening to your intuition telling you it’s the worst possible outcome might be the best way to go. By not believing in the negative and only putting your energy into the positive it can drastically shift the outcome.

Your energy is powerful and has the ability to shift outcomes, don’t forget that.

Tips for Your Healing Journey from Maria Menounos

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