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3 Steps To Mental Fitness with Adam Grant

Adam Grant is a popular American science author and professor who specializes in organizational psychology. He is also the host of the WorkLife podcast and a well known Ted talker. He talks with us today on givers, takers and matchers in the business world, and which of those to embrace or avoid. Adam shares with us about the 3 things he has incorporated into his life to maintain good mental fitness.

Adam Grant’s 3 steps to mental fitness:
1. When you form an opinion, make a list of conditions that would change your mind.

Adam talks about how this is something forecasters do in the world. When they make a prediction, they think about what could happen to change that. This is something we should all be doing, in order to keep us from getting locked in. It’s important to be open to things changing our minds, so we’re not blindly sticking to initial opinions without good reason.

2. We all need a checkup every once in a while.

Just like we occasionally go to the doctor for a checkup, even if nothing is wrong, we should all have a checkup on ourselves at times. Adam mentions how important it is to check up on things like our careers, our goals or our identities just to make sure that we are still feeling good with where we are at the moment. Checking in to make sure we haven’t established any bad habits or anything that are harmful to our mental health and our growth. Adam tells us how he does these checkups once or twice a year, not too often to prevent stressing ourselves out, but enough to make sure he is happy with the place he is in.

3. Take an hour out of your week for rethinking time.

Adam takes an hour out of his week for rethinking. This time isn’t just for thinking, but to rethink and revisit old opinions or old thoughts. During this time, we can think about what we’ve thought in the past about something, and rethink if that is still how we feel. He says that it’s a good built-in reminder for us that we want to keep refreshing and keep our opinions up to date.

Maria Menounos guest Adam Grant on Mental Fitness

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