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3 Step Morning Movement Routine With Jay Chandrasekhar

Maria Menounos for 3 Step Morning Movement Routine

You may recognize filmmaker and director, Jay Chandrasekhar, from some of your favorite films or TV shows. From being on sets with Steven Spielberg to developing his new app, Jay recently joined us and shared some of the habits that have helped him overcome some of the difficulties that come from working in the film industry. Throughout his impressive career, Jay has learned a lot about mental health & wellness while dealing with movie critics and negative reviews, he has a morning movement routine that always helps him keep his mental health in check, even with a busy schedule.

Jay Chandrasekhar’s 3 Step Morning Movement Routine:
1. Yoga stretches

Jay, being 6’2”, bought a gorilla mat, which is basically a very large yoga mat. Every morning he starts his day with some yoga stretching for about 15 minutes. Yoga and stretching is great for your overall physical and mental health, as well as for daily activities. Jay tells us how he golfs everyday, and stretching every morning helps him maintain his best physical state in order to do so.

2. Meditation

The next step in his morning routine is meditating for about 10 minutes. Meditating is so good for your brain, and is such a great way to start off the day. Dedicating time in the beginning of your day to calm your mind down and get into a fresh mindset is so important in being able to do your best work and be your best self.

3. Short Workouts

Jay also uses a workout app to start his day with short exercise. It’s a simple, short workout that gets his body moving. Working out is incredible for both your physical and mental health. Even if it’s a short walk or a quick at home workout, getting your body moving is so important for your well being.

Maria Menounos with Jay Chandrasekhar on 3 Step Morning Movement Routine

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