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3 Reasons to Stop Putting Pressure on First Impressions

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We recently interviewed social psychologist, author and speaker, Amy Cuddy on gaining confidence and how worrying about the impression you make on others is detrimental to the way we view ourselves. She spoke with us on how growing up with the idea of pleasing others is damaging to how you view yourself. In fact, she explained how when you think you know what others think of you, you’re usually wrong. Everyone says “you only get one first impression;” though true, putting too much pressure on first impressions can ultimately lead to a bad one. Confidence and authenticity is key, here’s why…


1. It takes away from the present moment. 
When you’re so focused on what others are thinking of you while you’re with them, you’re not focused on the present moment. Trying to listen for cues of what they think of you will limit you from hearing what they’re actually saying, and will leave you not living in the moment. 


2. People pick up on it. 

Studies from job interviews show that people who are using impression management tactics that are supposed to make them come across better, actually backfire. People can sense forced efforts to make good impressions, and will be less likely to trust you and believe that you are a genuine person.


3. If you don’t believe yourself, no one else will.

Similarly to the last one, people can pick up on when you aren’t feeling comfortable and confident in yourself. Naturally, people can tell when someone is forcing to come across a certain way. You have to believe in yourself in order to make someone else believe you. You need to be able to want to buy what you’re selling, or no one else will! 


Maria Menounos guest Amy Cuddy on 3 Reasons to Stop Putting Pressure on First Impressions

Want to hear more from Amy Cuddy on carrying yourself with confidence? Listen to the full episode here!

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