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3 Perfect Motherhood Tips From Women’s Day Director Meaghan B Murphy

If anyone understands the complicated beauty of motherhood, it’s Women’s Day content director Meaghan B Murphy. Here are 3 amazing tips on Motherhood during the pandemic brought to you by Meaghan courtesy of Maria Menuonos! 

Create a DAILY Routine

Schedule things out, especially when kids are in the mix. Try to make quarantine life as close to regular life as possible. During quarantines, it can be tempting to completely break your regular routine and sleep in, but this will actually upset your family’s deep-seeded need for structure and familiarity.  Make a large calendar or white board to guide your daily chores: 8:00am, get up. 8:30, be dressed, brushed and ready for breakfast, 9 o’clock family morning walk. Give your kids and yourselves action steps. This will give us all a sense of control in a time of uncertainty!

Your Family Is Your Team

Dealing with the Corona crisis affects us all, and there, we should all do our part. Don’t be afraid to assign roles, duties and chores to family members in this time of need. In addition, you can “game-ify” your family chores. By framing chores and responsibilities in a, “Let’s see if we can clean up this living room and UNDER 30 minutes,” kind of way, you’re employing a sense of wonder and play into your daily life, which will lift the spirits and happiness or your household. Meaghan Murphy has always referred to her family as “Team Murphy,” and for good reason!

Intentionally Utilize Your Entire Space

As lockdowns emerge and quarantines resume all around the country, it’s important that we utilize our spaces to feel as spacious and grand and possible. If you’re kids are being asked to resume homeschooling this Fall, using different rooms for different classes, i.e., “Math class is in the living room, but we’re meeting in the dining room for English,” will create a sense of flow and newness for your family. Anything we can do to make our spaces feel as large as possible will help amplify our emotional wellbeing during this channeling time.

Have your own mother hood tips that can help during the pandemic? Comment them down below, and make sure to watch Better Together w/ Maria Menounos everyday on YouTube and Apple Podcasts!

Jeff Graham

Jeff Graham

Jeffrey C. Graham is a writer, host, and producer living in Los Angeles, California. You’ve seen (or heard) his work on Sirius XM, AfterBuzz TV, and Earwolf, among other outlets. Jeff thinks of himself “intellectual,” but he’s a voracious fan of The Bachelor franchise, so perhaps not?

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