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3 Life Changing Daily Habits From Dr Joe Dispenza

Dr Joe Dispenza is a neuroscientist and author who studies the science behind your mental state and your actions. He was recently on the podcast and shared  his insight on daily actions that can be taken to better balance your life and your mental health. We know it seems simple, but sometimes the biggest transformation comes from the micro-habits in our lives.


3 Life Changing Daily Habits From Dr Joe Dispenza: 


1. Don’t start your day with your phone!

86% of people grab their phones as soon as they wake up. When you do that, you’re immediately connecting with everything in your life as soon as you’re awake. Instead of that, sit down and review the thoughts and behaviors of yourself that you want to change. Review the emotions you feel most in the day and be aware of when those occur throughout your day. At the start of your day, think about the ways you want to think and the emotions you want to feel. Think about what you could do to make you feel those and make you feel happy t at the end of the day. After your reflections, give yourself the permission to grab your phone and start your day.


2. Feel the feelings of your future like it already happened.

If you feel the feelings you want to feel in the future before they even occur, and if you live in that state, then you won’t be waiting for it to happen. Look at it like an experiment, if you stop trying to control or obsess over if it will happen, get yourself in a mental state where it has already happened. See what happens when you change the way you think!


3. Relax your heart. 

Make your heart still. Where you put your attention is where you put your energy. Put your attention into your heart, and not things like your cell phone. Keep your attention on your heart, and focus on all the emotions your heart feels. Take slow, long breaths with the intention of relaxing. Do that a few times, and slow your breath down. When you slow your breath down you slow your brain waves down and move out of a state of stress. The more you do this, the more it will become an everyday skill. 

Maria Menounos guest Dr Joe Dispenza on 3 Life Changing Daily Habits

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