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3 Life Changes That Leave a Big Impact

Our Heal Squad team has learned a lot over the years from the many experts interviewed, events held, and life experiences shared. This means we’ve picked up a few of our own tips and life hacks along the way. Keven and Kelsey share 3 life changes they’ve made that leave a big impact on their day to day.

3 Life Changes That Leave a Big Impact with Keven & Kelsey
Traveling light

If you’ve listened to the Heal Squad podcast before, you know Maria is no stranger to providing expertise tips on traveling. Keven’s big on traveling light, especially for this trip’s mission to bring back two dogs. He adds that traveling in general is stressful, especially when going on a plane, and you never know how workers will react while on the job. Having heavy bags, giving the look and feel of bulkiness, only slows down the process of traveling, from going through security to wandering around to your departure spot. Giant luggage, especially carry-on backpacks, just adds to the pressure we all experience day-to-day in heavy-loaded jobs. Anything we do to encumber ourselves, like overloaded baggage, just adds more pressure. Keven’s minor adjustment for Kelsey’s travel heavy hand were slim black zip bags, which he says could be the first step you take on the road of recovery towards downsizing. 


Going off of traveling light, Keven is very adamant on organizing, downsizing, and showing us we don’t need all the stuff we have and bring. Decluttering your space completely will not happen overnight, but it’s important to get a hold of it early enough so you can see the improvements and influence it has on your everyday life. We are weighed down by plenty of the stuff we think we need, but don’t actually need, so take it as the beginning step towards something bigger for you, especially if you see the disorganization affect you in other areas of life. By eating away one bite at a time, you can streamline your life with increased structuring by operating less and less as time goes on. Kelsey was open about her personal experience with having copious amounts of stuff, from collections of chapsticks as a kid to stashing her money when she started working to being a “trinket queen” — she always felt like she didn’t need to have more, she had to have more in order to feel safe. This happens to a lot of people — and might be worth digging deeper into the root cause — and especially if it’s ongoing from an early age, it can wear on you. Your space is your own sacred haven, so make sure it isn’t overcrowded with unnecessary stuff. Kelsey said that whenever she takes part in decluttering, she uses her ‘Kevism’ of “When in doubt, throw it out.” As we are in the holiday season, now is a particularly good time to figure out how to end the year strong. Keven encourages everybody to take a day or two a year to dedicate towards clean up, which gets increasingly easier every time you do it. As long as you continue to put items back where you found them, the organization will last from the first time you do it. Your life will feel 10 times better and lighter, just in time for the new year. 


During their trip, a first-time exclusive appointment was arranged for Kelsey and Elain to see the brilliant Dr. Alison. Keven and Maria have both had incredible first hand experiences with her, a practitioner of naturopathy. Keven emphasized just how legit Dr. Alison is, being a doctor who graduated from med school around 26 and worked in the ER, before landing on her current field of modern medicine which has kept her undoubtedly busy. She becomes hard to reach because of her diligent nature to spend three hours with her patients, going through medical history to family history and just about everything in between. This was Kelsey’s first in-depth doctor’s appointment experience, which she’s so grateful to have been given an opportunity to have her questions answered and concerns heard within the doctor’s office. Too often are people waiting forever then rushed out in five minutes when there’s many things to say regarding health. From her own love for it, Kelsey emphasizes the importance of going to western medicine practices to assist you in living a better life, as it has saved her own life many times. Having a naturopath or some type of natural doctor in your roster is crucial, and getting the “east meets west” experience in medicine makes for a well-rounded level of expertise. 


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