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3 Emotional Wellness Tips From Dr. Nicole LePera

Early in her years as a practicing psychologist, Cornell-trained expert Dr. Nicole LePera noticed she was stuck in the same negative thought patterns and beliefs. She was feeling just as many of the clients she was trying to help. As a result, she pivoted her entire philosophy on psychological wellness. Now billed as @The.Holistic.Psychologist, Dr. LePera has built a community of nearly 4.8 million #selfhealers on Instagram who have changed their lives through Dr. LePera’s practical everyday healing tools. In our interview with her, she offered the 3 emotional wellness tips we need to implement if we want to break the negative thought patterns and behaviors that are slowing you down.  


Step Into Consciousness

Dr. LePera is adamant that many of the negative patterns in our life are learned behaviors from caretakers in childhood. Because those patterns and coping mechanisms date back so far, they have become an ingrained part of daily lives, and we need to step in consciousness if we want to adapt. She says, “We are endlessly repeating a past, from how we’re acting, to what we’re thinking, to therefore how we’re feeling, and we’re not living in consciousness. So, the foundation, in my opinion, in my practice, and in my own healing journey,  is developing that consciousness: that ability to see that patterning, and then over time to begin to activate new choices.”


Practice Self Observation

Once we’re awakened to our new consciousness, it’s time for us to start practicing self-observation. LePera describes self-observation as a chance, “to observe yourself, and to observe our habits. What we want to spend a lot of time observing is our mental internal world will notice how thoughts are ever present. We are thinking from the time our eyes open until the time they go into bed. And many of us are thinking throughout our sleep, right? Endlessly thinking. So we’re spending a lot of time in our minds, and the issue with that is the narratives, right back to those repetitive stories i was talking about, they become the filters through which we’re viewing all of our experiences, which is why all of our current life looks very similar to that past.


Make Intentional Life Choices

Now that we’re armed with the crucial consciousness and observation skills that Dr. LePera so adamantly stresses, we can step out of old life habits to make NEW choices. Every time we’re confronted with decisions, be them small or life-altering, we can run through those important consciousness and self observation practices. Using our past as a guide, and our 100-foot view as a measurement tool, we’ll be able to make intentional choices that can help us avoid stress, harm, or negative thought spirals.


Listen to the 2-part interview here:

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