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3 Easy Tips to Live a Healthy Life with Dr. Steven Gundry

Did you know raw cucumbers and tomatoes may actually be harming your gut? Dr. Steven Gundry has uncovered fascinating research about lectins and their destructive properties in our gut. Because almost all disease can be sourced from a leaky gut, Dr. Gundry’s research around lectins is crucially important. Dr. Gundry’s interview on our Heal Squad X Maria Menounos podcast will forever change the way you view food and live a healthy life. Here are three amazing tips he offers about the dangers of lectins and the diet changes we can make to save our lives! 


1. Always Peel Lectin-Rich Veggies

Dr. Gundry’s entire health protocol is based on the gut-wrenching dangers of lectins. These are plant-proteins that cause the bonds of your digestive tract to break. This allows dangerous toxins to leak into your bloodstream, causing a myriad of diseases. When improperly prepared, even many of your favorite veggies contain dangerous lectins, so the key to healthy veggie consumption comes down to proper preparation. Lectins come from seedy vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers, so peeling those vegetables is an essential way to reduce potential gut leakage and prevent future disease.


2. Avoid Aspirin Especially For More Than 2 Weeks Continuously

This is a shocker. Many casual, over-the-counter drugs are actually profoundly dangerous for us.  Dr Gundry’s elaborated on his stunning research, offering, “Back in the 1970’sI’m suire when Advil and Motrin and Napperson and Aleve were introduced, they were prescription drug and there was actually a warning from the FDA you should never take these for longer than two weeks. They’re that dangerous. It actually causes craters and ulcers to occur. And now, I mean sad thing is, now we have children’s Advil for goodness sake. These are not benign substances that have worked our way into our standard culture.”


3. More Olive Oil

Though it may sound like Dr. Gundry is restricting the only possible foods you could be eating, he’s a BIG proponent of olive oil. Gundry says, “My personal feeling is the only purpose of food is to get more olive in your mouth. the Italians, the Spanish, the Greeks, tend to eat about a liter of olive oil per week. There’s a beautiful study out of Spain looking at memory in 65 year old people who are asked to use a liter of OO per week for 5 years. And they actually improved their memory over a corresponding group that was asked to eat a low-fat mediterranean diet, and the low-fat diet lost memory, and the olive oil group GAINED memory over five years!”


We hope these tips will help you to live a healthy life! Listen to the full interview here:

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