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2023 Predictions From Psychic Medium John Edward

John Edward is a psychic medium, author and lecturer. He’s helped thousands predicting future events and communicating with those who’ve crossed over to the Other Side. He joined the Heal Squad team to share his 2023 predictions revolving around accountability, responsibility, and philosophy as they relate to celebrities, healthcare, and politics.

2023 Predictions From Psychic Medium John Edward

Edward foresees 2023 being a year of accountability for public figures. People have seen more about surrounding celebrities, billionaires, and politicians. With knowledge of what happens behind the scenes, it’s clear that much of their status doesn’t come without sacrificing humanity. The separation of wealth and power hurts their empathy and connection to the rest of the world. This also comes in the forms of large companies and low wages. He predicts we will see society holding these public figures accountable to their actions and the impact they have on the world. 

This will also apply in the healthcare system. After the pandemic, a light has been shed on the mistreatment of healthcare workers and the brokenness within healthcare. Edward sees a shift in accountability for larger systems to take care of their workers and value the people over money.


Similarly, Edward predicts that we will see an ask for public figures and larger corporations to take responsibility for humanity. With the ability and power to make more of a positive impact, people will stand up against the perceived selfishness and demand a shift in the way systems work. He says our admiration of celebrities will shift from their glitz and glam to raising up the public figures that leave positive marks on the world. 


Edwards believes that this is a year of philosophical and introspective thinking. He predicts that people will spend a lot more time evaluating the systems in place and the world around us. This thought is what will bring us to question what we’ve built, the people we’ve given platforms to, and what we value most. He sees people shifting their personal lives from relationships to financial decisions. He encourages people to take control of their lives when it comes to communicating, asking questions, and setting boundaries.

2023 Predictions with John Edward

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