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2 Ways to Unlock Your Psychic Abilities with Medium Char Margolis

Maria Menounos on Psychic Abilitites

Char Margolis is an internationally acclaimed intuitive medium  that has been using her gifts to help people for fifty years. Since childhood, she has been able to see spirits, read thoughts, and foresee events. She prioritizes helping others tap into their intuitive psychic powers and teaching them to live with love instead of fear. During a recent interview we had with Char, she shared 2 incredible ways we can all unlock our own psychic abilities.

Char Margolis’ 2 Ways To Unlock Your Psychic Abilities
1. Understanding and Accepting the Universe’s Guide

Understanding gut feelings, signs, and your sixth sense can deepen your understanding of what the universe is trying to tell you. Unlocking your intuition consists of two simple steps; trusting your gut and trusting the universe. Placing trust in these feelings will result in accepting the universe’s guide.

For example, have you ever been doing something and had the urge to call a friend randomly? Or had a gut feeling something was not right and felt the need to say something? According to Char, these are examples of the two different types of physics. The first example is modeling “physic at random”, which Char describes as urges and feelings that come out of nowhere during busy times of the day. However, “physic on demand” occurs when an energy is felt and gives you an urge to say the first thing that comes to you. Char reiterates that the universe’s connection with humans is strong and connected to us by a bridge of love.

2. Learning to Trust Your Physic Feelings

A common problem with physic feelings is the fear of the unknown. Fear ultimately turns into anxiety and makes it hard to identify potential messages and signals. The first step to learning how to trust your physic feelings is becoming physiologically balanced and internally secure. Char encourages having confidence, courage, and commitment to conquer the barriers you have set (which she also references as the four C’s).

With these steps in place, it will be easier to listen to psychic feelings. Feelings can shift to having a sense of security and protection instead of identifying as fear and anxiety. Char explains spirits communicating as signs of love. Spirits are known for communicating through dreams when your mind is settled and quiet and also use their energy to signal when they are here with various signs. These signs can be validating, subtle, simple, and requested. After all, spirits and guardian angels that are trying to communicate are there to offer guidance with a bridge of love. Talking to spirits and asking for signs can also be validating as you journey through connecting and trusting your physic abilities!


Maria Menounos guest Char Margolis On Psychic Abilities

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